Renault laguna 3 parking brake fault

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If we proceed to the reading of the fault codes using the diagnostic machine, it shows the following codes: C1162, 5162 or DF043 (Parking Brake Failure). 1º.-. Check the power supply and the ground on the R2 connector (in black) located near the bar of the driver's door. PIN 1: Power supply after 25 A fuse 1 of the 1531 box (red cable).

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May 24, 2010 · Renault Scenic 04 - Renault Sceninc Electronic Parking Brake - Transplant : Have same problem, changed pads greased cables, checked workings everything ok, took for test drive. Customer took car out. Returned next day with "parking brake fault" Connected Analizer "no codes present" .

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Answer (1 of 8): There is a manual realease lever under the dash by the top of the brake petal. But be sure the car is in gear or park before you realease it, because the car will probably roll away on you. Jan 25, 2017 · A common Renault DPO gearbox fault seen in the Stephens Engineering workshop is a problem with the pressure control sensors within the DPO automatic transmission unit. Most Renault automatic gearbox faults brought into the workshop are a result of a pressure control problem within the Renault transmission unit caused by either the solenoids or ...

Renault scenic 2005 paringk brake not tensioning Renault scenic 2005 parking brake not tentions, the motor is runinng for the brake.i opened up the unit and tested it ever thing working just does not tention the cable , it justs scews in and out on the skrew rod but the cable doesnt move .TUTORIAL: How to reset service light / message (oelwechsel faellig / Oil change due) on Renault Scenic 2 in 3 simple steps. 16/08/2021. 24/08/2021. If you have a Renault Scenic 2 (2007-2008) and you have changed the oil & filters, then you have to reset the service message on the instrument cluster and set new reminder interval for your car.Parking brake repair service. We are experts at repair and testing of cable driven electronic parking brakes via mail or at our repair facility in the north west of England. We can take the hassle away from your cars parking brake fault from start to finish on site or repair just your module for you, for an experienced mechanic to fit back to ...