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Focus is one of the major features in Ro-Ghoul, as it is your upgrading system. It is where you can apply your focus points to the stats you'd like to grow. You earn 3 focus points each time you level up until you reach Level 2,000. Level 2,000 is currently the maximum level a player can reach. Players may also choose to spend 25 Robux to reset their Focus points OR may purchase the Infinite ...

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The Scorpion Script is a powerful, compact laser that displays custom patterns and text! It can be adjusted for large or small venues and looks great projecting on the wall or cutting through haze. Amaze the audience by rotating the built-in patterns and text or use the keyboard to create custom pat

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Version: 2.1 Developer: Poke_ Platform(s): Game Guardian, Android Languages: LUA (Based off of GG API) Download Here Update Log: Improved Teleport Bug Fixes and Script Improvements Special Thanks: …Life Below Zero Next Generation S3 E7 - Hard Target TV-14 | 10.13.2021. 44:26. Life Below Zero S17 E7 - Fast Food TV-14 | 10.13.2021. 44:26. Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks ...

The name he arrived in town with gets ditched, and, a few days later, Michael Simeone hits on the San Paro scene. The city's changed in just the few short years he's been away. The power of the old crime families has waned, and there's plenty of new young pretenders out on the streets, looking to get themselves a piece of whatever's going.